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The Oppo F11 Pro may not be as popular as the iPhone and BlackBerry but it is still an excellent choice for anyone looking for a smartphone. You have to remember that the purpose of smartphones is to provide you with a mobile phone that can do everything that you need it to. For instance, if you want to take pictures with your favorite camera then you definitely need to have a good camera that can give you quality images. If you want to stay in touch with your friends when you are travelling then you definitely need to have a smartphone that can help you accomplish that. There are many features that are available on smartphones these days but none of them offer you the flexibility that the Oppo F11 Pro has.

One of the best features of the Oppo F11 Pro include the ability to play games and view videos. This smartphone has been designed especially for people who love playing games and using the internet on their phones. What’s more, it has been manufactured using the highest quality of material so you know that you are getting something that is durable and that won’t get damaged easily.oppo f11 pro

The front camera on the Oppo F11 Pro isn’t actually on the camera itself. Instead, the front shot has been modified to compliment the rest of the smartphone as pop up camera. This front camera does indeed work – in a way that you won’t see in most smartphone reviews. You get to see the image you are shooting before taking it with the help of the built in preview. In fact, this feature is perfect for people who want to take multiple photos but can’t seem to do it in time.

The second screen on the Oppo F11 Pro has been designed in such a way that it can be used like a notification center. You can access this screen from any Android smartphone that has S-Voice as its default dialer. This functionality means that you won’t have to touch the phone to reach the inbox or contact list. You will always be informed of what you need to do.

The Oppo F11 Pro rear camera is one of the best in terms of image quality. The 16.2 megapixel camera comes with a manual focus, optical zoom and a color laser detection technology. The dual camera setup on this smartphone also helps in taking some great photographs. It has an auto focus, so you don’t have to focus manually, and you also get a good amount of shot in an excellent level.

The battery on the Oppo F11 Pro seems to last for ages, even when the camera is in use. The device also has a very fast data transfer rate, which enables the user to easily upload images to their computers. The Oppo F11 Pro offers all of these features in a smartphone that looks like something out of the ordinary. For those that need a device that performs all of the basics in a smartphone, then the Oppo F11 Pro may be just the one for you.

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